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International Scientific Conferences, Training Workshops, Medical Secretariat, Advisory Boards – CBMDA can work with you to meet your objectives.

With CBMDA team’s specialist knowledge within the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we can help you with: 

Initial Planning; Venue; Accommodation; Marketing; Sponsors/Exhibitors; Social Events; Financial; Delegate Management etc. 

Medical and dental information can often contain a myriad of complex terminology, ensuring this is accurately conveyed in translation is vital. There are few other disciplines within translation that can have such a significant bearing on human life. For this reason choosing a proven, respected, experienced professional language provider like CBMDA is an absolute must.


We have been working with clients in the medical field for in excess of decades, our experience ranges from handling the international medical and dental conferences with our highly qualified simultaneous and consecutive interpreters to the technical translation of complex medical equipment manuals. Due to the sensitive nature of much of our medical work our security procedures and commitment to confidentiality are at the forefront of our services.

If you are a medical and dental professional looking for a second opinion of your diagnosis or treatment plan, CBMDA's senior medical and dental advisors can certainly assist you. 

We will also refer your patient to the top specialists in the field in either China or in the UK. 

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