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CBMDA Funding

Thanks to CBMDA's Chinese Partner - Wu JiePing Medical Foundation - the "Chinese Nobel Prize" in the medical field, we have significant funding available for our outstanding Chinese candidates. The support you will receive range from partly coverage of your tuition fee towards a full scholarship covering your living cost and expenses during your stay in the UK. 


CBMDA has also partnered with CAPA - Chinese Association of Plastic and Aesthetics. Through this partnership, we have specific Aesthetics Medical and Dental courses designed for its members and all Chinese medical and dental professionals who wish to develop their professional knowledge and skills at the top universities the UK. Our candidates will also be granted certificates from UK universities as a recognition of their continuing professional development. 

WU Jie Ping Medical Foundation

Beijing, China   

Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Civil Affairs, China, is a non-public offering foundation. It was formally established in Beijing on February 28th 2002. It is a non-governmental organisation and is under direct administration by the Ministry of Health, China. It has been strongly supported by a lot of organisations and individuals from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the U.S. and Singapore. Consequently, Wu Jie Ping Medical Foundation becomes one of the earliest and most influential organisations in China. 

Now, its honorary President is professor Han Qide who is also vice-chairman of the National People’s Congress Committee, president of China Association for Science and Technology, chairman of Jiu San Society, Academician of the Chinese Academy of sciences. And MS Yang Xiaomeng acts as chairman of the council. There are three subordinate departments: General Office, Finance Department, and External Affairs Department. 

Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics

Beijing, China   

Chinese Association of Plastics and Aesthetics was founded under the direction and authorisation of the Chinese Ministry of Health and fully registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2009. 

CAPA is a non-profit organisation with government qualifications. As a national plastics and aesthetics industry association, CAPA is established by organisations and individuals engaged in the research and development, production, operation, investment, product testing, certification and consultation, and training in relation to plastics and aesthetics medicine.

Currently, CAPA runs 22 branches and specialised committees.

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