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CBMDA Translation & Interpretation

The medical, dental and pharmaceutical translation is highly specialised and requires great accuracy and expertise. It is important to find a translation service with demonstrable experience in healthcare translation services and recognised credentials. With CBMDA, you can be confident of a professional medical translation of the highest quality.

Every medical translation project is handled by your own dedicated project manager so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of care, efficient turn-around and complete confidentiality of your medical content. 

Medical documents can be complex to translate. Accurate terminology and medical language are required to ensure a professional translation. We can work with pre-defined translation glossaries or terminology to enable us to correctly adapt translations to industry or company-specific language. 


CBMDA is the leading supplier of healthcare translation services to a variety of medical, pharmaceutical and life science sector companies such as the University of Chicago, Colgate, Braun. We are very proud of our medical and pharmaceutical translation as well as our excellent customer care. We strive to translate medical documents to the best professional standard. To achieve this, we only use specialised medical translators who have at least 5 years of experience and who work to the highest standards. Thanks to our extensive and well-established network, we are able to tailor our services to the needs and requirements of our clients. Contact us with your specific requirements at:

CBMDA Services

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used in high level international meetings such as multinational annual general meetings, international product launches and global sales presentations. A good example of events where simultaneous translators are used are United Nations conferences.

Simultaneous interpreting is highly skilled work, requiring many years of experience and subject matter expertise. Events that require simultaneous translation need careful planning and specialist equipment.

Consecutive Interpretation

At CBMDA, we aim to provide the type of service that goes beyond expectations. Our network of linguists spans the world, meaning that we can supply consecutive interpreters to any location at any time.

Consecutive interpreting is the ideal and convenient solution to smaller, more intimate events where no more than two languages are spoken.

Pharmaceutical Translations

The pharmaceutical industry has been submitting more and more approvals for new drugs in Eastern European countries and Asia in recent years. 

This trend brings with it new challenges such as the growing list of regulations governing everything from production processes to product labelling and instructions. To sell in these markets, companies must address extensive language requirements and they must keep up with new format regulations.

Biotech Translations

Due to more states joining the EU, the establishment of more biotechnology and medical companies who are opting to perform clinical research trials and manufacture drugs in new countries and in multiple languages has increased. Therefore professional and qualified linguists are required in this sector in order to ensure it can progress effectively.

Clinical Trial Translations

CBMDA provides industry-leading expertise in clinical trial translations, enabling you to seamlessly help clients through the challenges of regulatory risk and patient safety while successfully completing vital research. We have worked with the majority of today's leading clinical research organisations (CROs). CBMDA has demonstrable experience in providing clinical trial translation services. Our expert translators and interpreters specialise in working with a variety of content including informed consent form translation, case report translation and patient information leaflet translation.

Medical Device Translations

Medical device translation must meet strict industry standards in order to be accepted by regulators. CBMDA is an expert in medical device translation and understands the need to adhere to these strict industry requirements, offering a range of medical device translations for medical device companies and manufacturers.

In order to achieve success internationally, a reliable and experienced translation company is required to navigate complex regulatory barriers and cultural differences. Accurate medical device translation is essential for elements such as instructions for use and software and user manuals. 


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